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Elsie James

Elsie James smiling. She is in front of a door. Door has balloons and Nepali writing on it.

Nepal Project Manager 


Following a Banking career spanning 30 years, Elsie took early retirement in July 1995, with plans to enjoy a life filled with family activities, travel, and spending time in the great outdoors. However, before that first retirement year ended, life had taken an unexpected turn from Adventure Travel to what would become a whole new career of Humanitarian Service Project Management in the tiny Himalayan country of Nepal.


In January 1996, she joined a Calgary-based Charity, Partnership Canada, and by March was back in Nepal preparing a baseline study for a submission to CIDA for funding. By August, she and her husband were living in Kathmandu, with Elsie appointed Country Manager and leading Partnership’s expanded programs in Nepal until completion in 2000. In love with the Country and the people, Elsie continued to support and manage village programs, with the help of Family, Friends and Donors for the next seven years under the independent banner of “Willing Hands Around the Globe.” She began working with Medical Mercy Canada in 2007, where her projects continued to flourish and grow in numbers. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Nepal in 1995 became a twenty-six year long commitment to the country and its people.


Now, Elsie brings her years of experience and a wide range of knowledge to serve as One Child Village's Nepal Project Manager. She is in charge of the Kanti Children's Hospital Shelter House and the Swabalambi School for Deaf Children.



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