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Nepali girls from Karuna Girls College smiling and wearing school uniforms. They have their palms pressed together in the "Namaste" gesture.

Our Projects

Kawangware Children's Centre

You can help support a school of children in Nairobi, Kenya – to enable an orphaned child to go to school

Large group of students and teachers gathered together at the Kawangware Children's Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. They are in front of the school.

Karuna Girls College

Help young women develop a confident voice and become leaders in their community by investing in their education

Young Nepali women from the Karuna Girls College in Lumbini, Nepal on computers at desks. They are dressed in colorful saris.

Gaige Children's Support Services

You can provide orphaned and underprivileged children in Nepal with housing and an education

Two adult women playing a game in a field with group of Nepali children. They are smiling while holding hands and walking in a line.

Kanti Children's Hospital Shelter House

Help us provide a safe haven for families in times of crisis

Dormitory room with rows of beds set up. In back, parents and children are sitting together on a bed by window.

Swabalambi School for the Deaf

Coming soon!

Group of Nepali children sitting on floor in a circle. Children have books around them. Older woman sitting in middle of the circle smiling.
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