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Students at Berrigan Elementary School demonstrate their support for African orphans


After researching a variety of NGOs, some grade 6 students at Berrigan Elementary School (Nepean, Ontario) selected “One Child’s Village” as the recipient of their fundraising. Over a couple of weeks, the students planned out and created Halloween games. They then invited all of the other classes in the school to visit their carnival on October 31 and bring a donation. The students were very pleased to raise a grand total of $1000 to support the children and the school in Nairobi, Kenya! The Board of One Child’s Village would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the grade 6 students of Berrigan Elementary School who have demonstrated true compassion in their efforts to help support the orphans in Kenya. Not only have they shown how easy it is to make powerful and lasting changes in the world, but they have done so in the spirit of fun and goodwill. We would like to challenge other schools and classes across Canada to rise to the standards set by these inspiring students at Berrigan Elementary.

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