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Gaige Children's Support Services

You can provide orphaned and underprivileged children in Nepal with housing and an education

Two adult women playing a game in a field with group of Nepali children. They are smiling while holding hands and walking in a line.




$50 CAD provides a student with education and housing for a month


Gaige Children's Support Services (GCSS) is currently depended on by over 20 children, and in some cases, their families. These children are either orphaned or have complicated home lives. With the help of GCSS, all of the children are living either with their families or in a family environment. They all attend local schools and participate in everyday family life. For those children who do not live with their families, annual trips to their home villages occur where they can stay in touch with distant relatives and know their history. 

In 2013, GCSS became aware of two children from the Achham District in Far West Nepal who required full care and support. These children were brought to Kathmandu and moved in with trusted members of our team, Keshar Kunwar and his wife Urmila Thapamagar. The couple has graciously opened their home and their lives not only to their own two young children but to many others - young and old. Without the support of our generous donors, taking in multiple new children would not be financially attainable. 

Since opening in 2013, there have been numerous requests to support other children throughout Nepal. To allow more children to join our family, we have built a house in Kathmandu (Phutung). This house provides orphaned and underprivileged children and youth with a safe place to live and study. The future goal is to open a training center on the property as well to allow for youth who do not go on to higher studies to gain job skills. 

GCSS also supports ten children at an orphanage in Kathmandu who require educational and social support beyond what their current home provides. These children will be asked to leave their orphanage at the age of 18, so GCSS hopes to be able to provide transitional services for them at our new facility. 

With a monthly donation of $50, you can fully support a student to get an education while living in a safe home environment.

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