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The Kawangware Children’s Center (KCC)

You can help to provide support for an entire school of children in Nairobi, Kenya – to enable an orphaned child to go to school.


Kawangware suburb (slum), Nairobi, Kenya


$21.00 CAD for one child, per month


In close partnership with Friends of Kawangware Children’s Center in the USA, we provide support to over 200 children, many of whom are orphaned or affected negatively by HIV/AIDS. We employ 15 people from the local community including teachers, cooks and support staff, and provide education for children in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and classes 1 through 8.


The Kawangware Children’s Center is located in the Kawangware suburb of Nairobi, Kenya. The conditions in this slum provide for extreme challenges to the children and their community. Because of the severe poverty in the community we use your support to assist in obtaining uniforms for the children, textbooks and school supplies, medical care, clean water, sanitation, food programs and more. In 2014 we negotiated a 7-year lease (with options to renew) and built a new school for the students and teachers. We hope eventually to purchase land to establish a permanent location for the school.

The monthly expenses for the school amount to approximately $4200 (CAD) per month. This may sound like a lot at first, but it works out to about $21 CAD per month per child to supply food, water, sanitation, clothing, security and a full education with a full teaching staff providing the complete Kenyan curriculum. For a monthly pledge of $20 you can help ensure that one child receives all of this.

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