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Trevor Ironside ICD.D

Trevor Ironside lifting young Nepali child up high. Both are smiling.

Co-Managing Director


Inspired by Melinda Gates, who says "All humans are equal, just not born equal", I ask myself "what can I do with my winning lottery ticket?" I want to be part of a village who addresses this root global inequality head on! I believe in the global benefits and enduring impact of education for repressed teenage girls.

I am a retired professional engineer, Past President of Medical Mercy Canada,  Co-Founder of the Cowtown Rodeo Fund-Raiser and  Co-founder of the Karuna Girls College, Lumbini Nepal.


Today, I continue to serve as Director for Downtown Rotary of Calgary. I have been blessed with decades of leadership opportunities including Virginia Studied Chartered Financial Analysts Program, West Island College, Society of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta


Mobile: 403-680-7780


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