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Backpack Program

One Child's Village has teamed up with Global Unity! Together, we are providing 250 backpacks to children in need across our various projects.

Though many of us have taken them for granted, backpacks are an extremely beneficial tool. They protect important school supplies, and evenly distribute weight across your back.

Many children have to walk very far distances to school every day, and carry their books in things such as old rice sacks. After arriving at school and unloading their supplies, many will lay their sack down on the dirty floor and use it for sitting.

The humble beginnings of Karuna Girls College. Rice sack seen on the floor, to the left.

A proper backpack can make a world of difference. There is significantly less risk of the bag breaking, their school supplies are kept safe and clean, there are attached pouches for bringing water, and it will be much easier on their hands, arms, and backs.

By making a donation, you can assist with the cost of transportation and ensure that as many children as possible receive a backpack.

We are very excited to begin distributing these on our future trips!


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