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Saving Lives in Nepal - COVID Relief

One Child's Village has partnered with the Canadian Engaged Buddhism Association (CEBA) to provide emergency aid in Nepal as they endure the devastating impacts of COVID-19. To learn more, please see this blog post. With the help of our generous donors, over ten thousand dollars has been raised for this vital cause (as of May 28, 2021). Below is an update and letter of gratitude from Venerable Metteyya Sakyaputta, who is on the ground in Lumbini, Nepal.

Dear Ones,
Yesterday, while we were observing international Vesak Day in Lumbini through prayer and meditation, through a long chain of volunteers and friends we also managed to put together 9 new medical grade Oxygen Concentrators and handed it over to the Kapilavastu Hospital.
I cannot express my gratitude enough to all our friends and family who are part of this whole process. These machines are life saviours. It’s the most horrible of experiences to watch people gaps for Oxygen. In total, 11 Oxygen Concentrators are provided to Kapilavastu Hospital and 2 Units in Lumbini. We have more machines on the way from Kathmandu and Beijing and will be sent to the hospitals as soon as they are reach here.
The pandemic has been difficult time indeed but it has also brough out the best in people- the generosity, compassion and selflessness. Your support and care in these critical times remind us that we are all in this together, even when we are apart.


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