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Help Kenya Not Kanye

Kanye West recently released the new collection for his Yeezus clothing line. Prices are not out yet, but previous sweatshirts have listed at $700. For $700 you can feed an entire school of 200 malnourished Kenyan orphans and their 10 teachers for a month. Less than $8 per month per person.

Please consider donating to Kenya rather than Kanye. We are a nongovernmental charitable organization whose main goal is to provide support for HIV/AIDS orphans. We identify the children of the world as the most vulnerable members in our global family. Thus we believe service rendered to children is the most sacred. One Child’s Village aims to provide the conditions, training and resources needed for the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Please note: this is a Canadian charity and all donations will be made accordingly. It is the donor’s responsibility to know the conversion rate.


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